I found an old sketchbook of mine from 2007 featuring my magical girl character, which was later redrawn in 2008 and now… 2014.

!! RusAme/AmeRus Cold War Exchange !!


To celebrate the release of the season 5 dub, I thought it might be fun to have another exchange!

What’s the catch? It’s Cold War themed!

If you’re interested, please read through the ENTIRETY of the Rules and FAQ page before submitting an application! This exchange will be in the set up of a Secret Santa!

General Timeline:

Applications due by: August 3rd.

Sorting completed by: August 10th.

Gifts due by: September 15th.

Want some inspiration on how to use the Cold War theme? Check here for ideas and music!


I am also aware that some people still have not received gifts from the Secret Santa I hosted last year. If you are one of those people, please fill out this separate form so I can make you a gift as well.


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To Make a Monster

My school project a few years back. Last documentation before it gets thrown away.

Today I woke up laughing because I dreamt the colossal titan was this guy.


Based off [x] and the wonderful voice acting [x]

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How is your relationship with your admin?

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